Hole-by-Hole Course Guide

Hole 15
Hole No.
  • Blue Tee Blue Tee
  • White Tee White Tee
  • Red Tee Red Tee
  • 142 yds.
  • 127 yds.
  • 114 yds.
  • Men’s Par/Handicap
  • Ladies’ Par/Handicap
  • 3/17
  • 3/15
There are two simple rules to follow on Riviera's shortest par 3: take enough club, and do not miss left. Look to the palm behind the green to gauge the wind, which will often surprise you. Like the 14th, a front pin between the bunkers is a sucker pin. A shot played to the center of the green will rarely result in a putt longer than 20-25 feet... a good shot at birdie and likely a par. A miss short or left will almost surely result in bogey.